Sleepy heads no sleepy

Preface – I snuggle with my boys until they fall asleep at night. Every single night since they were born unless I am at a business meeting or out of town. And occasionally because of a girls’ night out 🙂

Bedtime tonight:

8:00: “Boys, please brush those teeth and get in bed so we have time to read.” “Ok mommy, be right there”

8:10: “Mommy, first can we see what’s happening with the volcano today?” “Of course, wouldn’t miss a night of checking on it!”

8:20: “Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom.” “Ok kiddo- hurry up, I want to finish this book before it’s too late.”

8:35: “Mommy, please scratch my back”. “Ok but Please close your eyes and rest honey, it’s getting later and you need your sleep!”

8:35: (other son) “Mommy, can you come to the top bunk and scratch my back too?” “Yes honey, I’ll be up in a minute, but until I get up there, please try to rest.” “Ok mommy”

8:45: “Ok sweetie, I have to go up and snuggle your brother, close your eyes and rest.” “Ok mommy, goodnight, I love you.” “I love you too sweetie.”

9:00: “Mommy, can you please get my water for me?” “Yes, but after you take that sip, please, please close your eyes and rest.”

9:05: “Mommy, my back is still itchy!” “Okay honey, I’ll be down in a little bit and will scratch you for a few more minutes.”


“9:10 &1/2: “Mommy?” “Yes????” “Mommy, I love you- you’re the best mommy ever”

9:15: “How are kids always so positive while their parents are freaking out?”

9:20: “I love you guys so much. I’m going to go write my blog for a while.”

9:30: “Mmmm… yummy 🍷

9:39: (a sound from Upstairs)…”Mommy?? ” “😳, yes honey?” “I’m not tired.”

(My thoughts):”Ok, honey, well you’re just gonna have to figure out what to do with that because I am off duty 😎. So jump back in that sweet little bed of yours and think sweet dreams and GO TO SLEEP!”

9:40: “Mom?” “I’m coming boys…I’m coming.”

9:54: Welp, this is how my nights go. I have two little cherubs that I love so much and even though I try to resist, and act like an adult it doesn’t work. I always, always end up wrapped back around them and asleep in minutes. Their heavenly little breathing and heartbeats put me into my happiest place on earth.

*Moral of this story: always be sweet, think positive, enjoy your babies and their snuggles while you can, and get some sleep already!!’


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