I don’t like coffee breath!

No one likes coffee breath- yuck, gross, blagh! How many times I have stopped drinking coffee to avoid the dreaded CB I cannot count. And in all fairness, I’m not sure I even like coffee all that much anyway, (okay, yes I do). What I do like the most though, is the comfort of the hot mug, or to go cup from Starbucks, and the sense that I’ve got this super power to take on the world just simply because I drink coffee. 💪🏻

Those who know me and care about me know that coffee is my “go-to” when I need to “hold” something for comfort. I grew up with a mom who never went anywhere without a coffee in her hands, and now I always do the same.

To most people this probably sounds strange – but a cup of hot, steamy joe is a true source of comfort and reflection for me with each sip. It’s way deeper than caffeine, people…it’s how I start each day dream that gets me to the next best step in my life. So, thank you to my friends who give me Starbucks gift cards and help to support my dreams!! I think of you with each and every sip 😘

Ahhh!! Jitters and happy dances to all!



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