On Monday morning, I took a walk, a long walk. It was the first time in almost a year that I was alone, enjoying nature and a beautiful day just slowly cruising by foot through my neighborhood. I was smiling at the busy-ness of all the mother nature around me. I was equally smiling at the the un-busy-ness of me! I felt so freed in spirit and mind and my sadness from deciding to leave my job, slightly lifting.

The chatter of sweet birds, the swoosh of the leaves in the trees with each passing breeze, the heat of the morning sun on my skin, all made for a glorious moment for me. I felt surrounded by peacefulness, a calm and happy I had not retrieved from inside me in far too many years. I found myself almost skipping along to the beat of each chirp, each leaf that rustled and the occasional car that zoomed past, undoubtedly in a hurry to who knows where. Surely, those passers by were curious why I walked fully decked out in a smile, although unprompted by anything other than just being outside.

As I walked, my legs came alive again and my heart expanded. With each breath of fresh air, everything in me awakened, all senses became heightened. Bliss.

The little things many take for granted, such as a simple morning walk, became so grounding and instantaneously important to me. Added validation, that my born spirit is needy of nature, travel, adventure and exploration.

About 25 minutes into my walk, I passed by the latest model home completed in my neighborhood. I almost walked right past, until I realized I didn’t have anywhere to be, so I stopped in. I met a lovely young lady, who was the builder sales agent. She told me a few tidbits about the model, and then sent me off to wander through the beautiful home. I dreamed of myself sitting in each seat, cooking for a mess of family and friends at the very large island and, (showering in the much oversized glass enclosed shower- wow, loved it). It was fun to pretend, and lose myself in a little dreamy moment.

On my way back down to the sales area, the young lady asked me what I thought of the home, and I told her my thoughts and that I lived right up the street but couldn’t resist the visit. She asked what I do for a living, and as we got to talking, a most surprising conversation followed.

We connected instantly, and it didn’t take long until I went ahead and told her my decision to leave a long, successful career path to find a healthier and happier way of life. She looked at me with almost disbelief as she went on to tell me that she too, just resigned from her role in builder sales of the last 20 years, that very morning.

She was a highly successful, smart, beautiful young woman who gave her heart and soul to her career. She also sacrificed a lot of her life to do so, with nothing but money to show for it. We continued to talk and continued to find we lead very parallel lives. It was so incredible how much we needed each other, total strangers, in that chance meeting. We talked through our lives and future paths, and couldn’t pull away for over an hour.

Moral of this story: take the walk, meet people, and enjoy the comfort a total stranger can offer as someone is always going through something similar. You just might be the one thing they need to help them find comfort in their decisions in life, or the path they are on. She helped me, and I helped her so much in that one quiet hour. In retrospect, we had not one interruption, not one phone call, visitor to model home, construction worker…nothing. The universe just let us be, and opened up to offer us a very special encounter that gave each of us added strength and courage to shed a comfortable skin to shake things up in search of a better way of life.

I think I’ll be venturing out on many more walks soon!

Xo me


    1. KJ

      Thank you! I’m hoping that within a few weeks I will be able to park myself to write the book! Story line is ready. 🙂 I’ll check back in with you once I get it going to get some more of your great advice and fill you in!!

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