These two…

Say hello to my mom and dad. The dream team, dynamic duo, social butterflies, romantics, (really, really good golfers), and more then anything…the most in love people I ever knew. Once you get past how hilarious my dad’s eyebrows were, (he was famous for those things), take a look at that silly smirk on his face. He just laid out one of his hundreds of funny jokes and Mom had just looked up to playfully scold him. My dad was a genius, he read no less than 3 novels a week and could remember joke after joke after joke. He ran a very successful advertising agency in Philadelphia and retired at 54. But one of the things he did the best, that resonated more with me than anything was the way he loved my mom. He looked at her in a way that I seldom see anyone do anymore. His devotion to her and her happiness was beyond words. He flirted with her daily and tended to make her blush a few times a day too, which was very cute. My mom was considered a pretty major babe in her years, but she was very modest so I always got a kick out of how he would get her so blushed in seconds. She had big, really big, green eyes and raven black hair. When her cheeks turned rosy, she was precious and in my opinion- perfection. I loved and am grateful to have seen the love the two of them shared. I spent my young life in a fantasy world with in-love parents, and nothing to ever worry about.

I, of course, still grieve and long for my parents and their showing of affection, so I will write about them here and there. It’s important to me that my children know and understand true love, and what it may take to find it. To never settle, or go against their gut. I want them to read these blogs someday and remember all the stories I’ve told them about how I was raised by the most in love people I ever met, and that if they take their time- and be gentlemen and treat all creatures with kindness that they too can have the same. My dad was the ultimate gentleman. It’s quite intoxicating to be within the company of a gentleman. Sadly, it’s intoxicating because it’s such a foreign character trait in the latest of generations.

Ok- this is rambling along- moral of the story- my dad and mom were beautiful to me. I’m so grateful to have been loved and raised by them and this picture was such a wonderful reminder of who they taught me to be and the direction I want to go in my life! I lost the real baseline of me, and my background a little lately, but some wonderful people I have met along the way have brought me back to life, back to me… and I cannot wait to regain the person I was and continue to be the person I want to be.

Any of that make sense? Hope so. I only get to write late at night once my kiddos are sound asleep so my sleepiness may take over some of these posts 🙂

Next up…vacation…

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