Na na na na boo boo 😜

It’s a glorious morning. I’m hanging out with my son playing cards, weather is perfect, the birds are chirping, friends are jogging by on the sidewalk and I just won Go Fish!!

My boys beat me almost every time and I was bound and determined to take the victory this time. So with stealthy moves and deep strategy I succeeded in taking more and more of his sweet, little cards until I could finally claim, “Ha! I won!!!”.

I think his face says it all. I will parade around ALL day basking in the sunshine of my epic win and rubbing it in his face as often as I can. I think most people call that poor sportsmanship, but I call it allowed because they tease me all the time. I’m the only human girl in this house, so I’m way outnumbered, and it feels good when I can chalk up a win against any of the boys – hehe!

So there!!

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