Just sitting here thinking…

Just sitting here in my car thinking how a warm summer morning, a long drive through the country, and a hot coffee have just made my day! I also adore my favorite Starbucks Barista. She kicks off every day with the biggest smile and always knows exactly what I want, and she always says, “good morning beautiful, venti Pike with 3 raw sugars and steamed whole milk?”, and I always gush, and say, “morning sunshine, and yes please :)” ā˜€ļø

She’s one of those people I stay close to for added sunshine daily! Even when I look like hell, she makes me feel good. That’s some seriously good customer service!! I’m looking forward to surprising her with a little gift soon. She works very hard, never forgets anything and never stops smiling. I want her to know that I’m grateful for her kindness toward me and that she makes a difference in peoples’ days! This was my latest from her…

It worked. I had an amazing day!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate good, kind, and happy people!! šŸŒø


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