Friday Night Pasta

Now for the fun stuff!

I have written plenty about my life and how I have arrived at this place and time where I’m free to write and play and be me. Now it’s time to start writing about all the fun stuff!

Growing up, Friday night pasta was a famous night at our house. Friends and family from all around always hoped to arrive in time for my mom and dad’s famous bolognese pasta night. Our sauce was always lovingly, homemade. It would sit on the stove for hours and hours cooking to perfection, (and torturing all of our hungry tastebuds)! I was the one who always seemed to have to stir it so that I could find a way to drop a little into a bowl and sneak off with a piece of bread to dip into it.

The love that went into making that sauce and the time commitment was legit! I always say that food is love when cooked for you by someone who loves you, so this sauce was an overflowing amount of love. It had been perfected by both mom and dad over the years.

The recipe was a super big secret for quite some time, (only because my mom cooked this by memory, not from a recipe, so we had to get her to finally write it all down). Once it was all on paper this recipe took off into stardom and we all made sure we had our copy!

As the years have passed, so many people have reached out to me for the recipe and I’ve happily offered. Depending on who was asking for the recipe, the sauce had different names:

– Dad and Pat’s recipe (by my oldest brother and sister)

– Nana Pat and Papa’s recipe (pronounced distinctly southern as pah-pah) (by my southern nieces)

– Mama J & Papa J’s pasta (by my best friend growing up, Belle)

– Pat & Dave’s sauce (by everyone else)

-Smitty’s sauce (by my dad…my mom was a Smith before she married my dad)

I have had some fun switching up the recipe here and there but the original recipe is still the best and it still brings everyone to the table from all around. When family and friends visit they ask me to make it. Makes me so happy to do so!

That sauce brought more people together in my mom’s tiny kitchen than you can believe, and led to some of the best nights ever! We were so lucky to have that sauce, each other and all the great times surrounding it.

Gotta love this kid… no fear, not even in the white shirt!

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