Just so you all know…

This little Ferris wheel ride scared the ever living you know what out of me!!

It went high, and fast and I hung on for dear life while my sweet child woo hoo’d the whole time, fearless, happy and in total kid mode. I know I wore the finish of the handle bar because it was stuck to my hand when I finally escaped. Oh- EM- GEE!!!

I’m completely afraid of heights unless I’m in a dead sexy jet! 747 will do if I must 😉

This little Doo hickey was totally open air height, add speed, and barely anything to hold me and my child in, and we have a hot mess of a mom…although I promise I looked twice and the view was truly magnificent! Seriously- I took the life moment and soaked it all in and enjoyed it. Swear -I really did!! 😩



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