Fun at the Lake 🛶

What a great day! I put my phones and computer down, stopped all work and enjoyed the best day ever with my family and friends at their lake house. We were celebrating their son’s high school graduation. Fun!

Two of my guys jetted around most of the day on the wave runner. They let me hop on for a ride too. We all love going fast…so we did :).

This one is my wild one. Ready for any adventure. Fearless and confident. Maybe too much like his mommy?😳

We also played in the rain, checked out water snakes, lots of cool spiders, and splashed around in the hot tub. It was the epitome of a day on the lake.

My other sweet son is our safety expert and patrols every party to be sure all are happy and well behaved 😊 I guess we all did ok. No one received any citations for disorderly conduct, but someone did receive a citation for a BIG wake in a no wake zone. Nope- wasn’t me! I was just an innocent passenger on the back of the wave runner… phew!

So grateful for my boys, and all reminders to live, love and smile!!

Please do the same- life is short!

And a special thanks to my dear friend and her beautiful lake home for such a great day! I really relaxed, we all did and it was spectacular!

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