Summer Foods

When I think of summer, many things come to mind, but today I’m thinking about how much I enjoy summer foods. Summer salads full of fruit and spinach are some of my favorites. Nothing better than a strawberry vinaigrette drizzled all over an assortment of crisp greens, firm fruits, feta and sometimes nuts. Often grilled chicken accompanies the colorful collection decorating my salad bowl.

Skewers full of shrimp or chicken are also a staple summer grill food for me. My dad always made the most delicious skewers with some kind of mysterious and special honey, lemon, mint, coconut and pineapple juice mixture that I have yet to actually replicate perfectly. Unless of course I’m totally missing one of his main ingredients because it was a little bit of a secret. I’ll keep trying to figure it out because it was so delish and I’m thinking about it right now and wishing I could eat one!

Well- had to share my thoughts on the delightful, delicious summer foods that have crossed my mind as I’m tucked into my kiddo’s bed and waiting for him to fall asleep. I’m surrounded by Spider-Man blanket “walls”, and pretty well pinned into this bunk bed fortress until further notice so I had to do something to pass the time ☺️

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