~Umstead Spa Day~

Spent the day at The Umstead Spa today. I have been fortunate to have enjoyed a few fine spas in my life but The Umstead has won my heart. It is exactly the Spa I need in my life. While I have been to the ultra fancy and the quaintest of quaint, none has offered the solace that Umstead brought me today.

My experience began with a kind spa concierge who gave me a tour of the spa. Shortly after I was taken to the peaceful “dressing” room to place my belongings and put on my robe (bliss). I could have stopped at the robe and quiet room, but it continued to get better.

I spent the next hour sipping organic tea, and nibbling chocolate covered banana chips and almonds. I took a dip in the hot tub for about 20 minutes then rinsed and found my way to the eucalyptus sauna. Again, could have stopped at this point too, just so grateful for the quiet and relaxation.

After a quick shower I made my way to the lounge and waited to be greeted for my 80 minute massage. My masseuse guided me to my treatment room and shortly after, a most perfect massage began. It was everything I needed from head to toe and more. All tension melted away. The ideal Swedish massage. I will try to go back to the same masseuse every time.

At the end of my massage there was a fruit infused water waiting for me. I then decided that I would spend the next hour or so at the lush and beautiful, outdoor pool. It did not take long for me to be in the water, where I found a seat by the steps, leaned back, and immediately was lost in the moment. The water enveloped me and brought a welcome chill.

Once my body had cooled down slightly, it was time for me to consider what I would have for lunch. Curled up on a comfy, poolside chair, I melted into the zen like moment yet again. A very sweet pool waitress brought me a menu and my choice was a turkey wrap, fruit, and of course a Prosecco.

The lunch was delicious and my time at the pool was relaxing, but HOT! I believe it was a 100 degree day today so I soon needed some cool air.

Back inside, I showered again in the natural light shower and settled back into my robe for my next appointment, a pedicure. I returned to the lounge and not too long after was greeted and swept away for another hour of pampering.

The pedicure was lovely and relaxing. I had a cute young lady who was easy to talk to and who I also wish the best to. She is a special person and works hard!

At the conclusion of my idyllic spa day, I ordered another Prosecco and soaked in the handsome pool view. It was a harmonious day spent in such a well designed, natural environment.

I could have stayed all night, and hope to soon!

I highly recommend a day, or two, or more at the Umstead. They have much more to offer beyond the spa. Wander through their website, below, which is as equally serene as the actual property and experience:



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