Summer nights II

So, yesterday I spent 85% of my day being pampered at a ridiculously serene spa.

The other 15% I spent in a sweltering tent with my kids. We decided to camp out and make the most of another beautiful summer night. It was actually really fun, despite the 90 degree temperature outside. I didn’t exactly sleep well even though I was pretty comfy, but my kids seemed to.

We “glamped” a little I suppose, because we slept on air mattresses and Tommy Bahama feather pillows, had a fan blowing on us, and watched a little movie on my computer at the end of the night, oh- and we did all this “roughing it” in our back yard. Don’t judge people- sometimes you gotta make lemon drops outta lemons!! Wait- was I supposed to say lemonade? 🤭

There were special, tech free moments, however, where we looked up at the stars and wondered what’s out there. Turns out we now spot and guess the names of satellites, not constellations but why not- can’t beat ’em join ’em!

So back to the old days kind of special moments… a deer wandered up and stood just outside our fence allowing me and my pup to talk to it for many minutes. It may not have run away at all, except that a car had come along the road and caused it to depart. I think my dog and I were equally surprised by the encounter, yet equally appreciative of it. He growled at the deer a little, but I knew if that deer charged us he would shit his puppy pants and I would have to take over the “protecting”. So, I’m pretty glad that didn’t happen.

We slept, (some of us), from about 10:30pm until 7:30am when Dad came out and checked on us to be sure we had not baked in the morning sun. It was hot but somehow just the best morning I’ve had in a long time. We woke up outside, in the prettiest of the morning sun, and together.

Living, laughing and loving every minute.

It’s hot…camp anyway! It’s the sweetheart part of summer- get out and do it!!

Tomorrow… 4th of July! Whew… that one will be a doozy!! Parade, pool, neighborhood fireworks and more. Well, I’m pretty sure I’m already tired tomorrow.

So- night!!

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