Ok- I’m back!

Took a little break from work and writing so I could spend some quality time with my sweet kids, and friends, and to get the creative juices flowing again. I’m strapped back into the writing and working saddle and about to kick some…Ahhh suppose you thought I would say ass. But actually, I need to kick some habits! Starting from the top of my largest offenses:

1) Driving way too fast because I pretend I’m in a hot Italian sports car. Reality- I am in a cute “Italian”‘car, built in Romania, that wheezes after 75 And pukes at 80. So what’s the point of trying to drive fast? It zips pretty quick below 45 though!! I can crush the Chevy Silverados! Get ’em every time, and I know they’re wondering what’s under that hood! Some damned greased lighting baby! Zoom, de da de da zoom!

2) Eating ice cream – literally I am always taking my kids for ice cream, because I WANT SOME! Thankfully, they willingly oblige every time without brute force! However, they DO NOT even remotely, like ice cream as much as I do. They always throw away at least half. Um, no I don’t finish all their ice cream. Least not every time- geesh!!

3) I need to curse MUCH less and “find my words” more, as my daddy would say!! But, F -it- I’m gonna have to work on that one a while longer! That F word makes me happy. So, Whatevs!!

4) I lost the point of this whole post and just want to drive super fast in my hot as F Ferrari while my chocolate gelato is dripping all over my hands, and the cowboys in the Silverados are wishing they had my f’in engine under their hood, and…

…And it’s back to reality for me. Gotta run the dishwasher and switch the laundry but love ya, mean it, thanks for reading and have a good ass night!!


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