Lake day!

Had a fun day on the lake with my family and friends basking in the sun, boating, tubing and playing in the water with my 11 year old pups.

As I walked my sweet Goldens into the water I was reminded how much they have aged and how grateful I was to bring them along. In dog years they are getting up there in age. I can’t bear leaving them home when they could be with us, which is exactly where they want to be. I am so happy that I am able to spend more time near them, especially at this stage of their lives.

They moved slowly when in the water but wiggled like puppies as the kids all ran up to see them.

Not too long after playing with the pups we walked out into the water to hop on board the boat so aptly named: Life’s too short.

The kids all took turns tubing and had a blast.

I watched my kids being bounced and flopped around and was filled with such love and happiness. Their smiles only got larger and larger, and were never ending throughout the day.

We cruised and played our day away and I am forever grateful for my life, family, truly good friends and this day full of reminders to appreciate every minute because as the boat says…Life’s too short…

to be anything but happy!!Take the dogs, enjoy the kids, get wet and play too!

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