The kind of love that many can only dream of:

I’ve mentioned in prior posts how much my mom and dad were in love, and especially how much my father adored my mom. Yesterday, during a moment of “really missing my mom and dad”, I dug through memory boxes in my garage and found a few of the many, many beautiful letters my dad wrote to my mom. She often wrote equally priceless responses, I just didn’t find those in my quick dig.

Once you read the letters below- it may be easy to see why I think the way I do about love, why I’m slightly ruined and why I’m a dreamer and hopeless romantic.

Their dreams came true. They lived happily together, and died together. Better than Romeo and Juliet or any other love story I ever heard.

The first letter below was written to her because she worked for my dad. That’s how they met. ❤️

The following two are letters he wrote to her on birthdays.

He was quite the wordsmith and romantic and man did he ever love my mom!!

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