All for my boys…

This blog is ultimately dedicated to my children who, when I am gone, will have something of me that speaks to them and reminds them of my love for them, love for life and love all around.

I’ll write about the best and hardest things in life and try to remind them in every post the importance of appreciating what you have, loving with the largest heart, staying strong and brave when sadness and fear come along and to know that beyond fear and sadness are opportunity and hope. A chance for all things to be better. Reminders to celebrate life and experiences with zest as they are all unique and special. I will write about the grandparents they never met, (my mom and dad), about my life growing up, about so many of the things I did in my life that I want them to know about and lots of my favorite things! I want to fill them up with my stories, our stories so that they always have this to look back on when I’m gone. This sounds somber, but that’s not my intention. It’s just my way of “being there”, someday when I’m not here physically, even though they know I’ll be wrapped around them forever whether physically here or not.

I look forward to getting so many of these stories written for them about my past and writing about all the moments to capture from our future.

I love you boys! Xoxo Mommy!


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