Lil engineers

This may look confusing and even messy to some, but what I see is an engineering marvel! My boys and their friends rearrange our porch into the most remarkable forts each day. I’m amazed by the rooms they design and how the forts have a kitchen, separate spaces for each kid, lounging areas, etc. on top of the forts. It’s fun to see their hospitality as they have their friends come and go. My youngest always makes sure all have cliff Z bars and drinks. My oldest brings out the salty goodies. I bring out the water 😉

This is what makes my heart shine!! Kids exploring, building, imagining and playing. Being kids!! And then of course I end up spending all night thinking, “wonder if I could build as epic a fort?”, and each day- I try. I did manage to design a pretty bodacious fort in their large bedroom with a roof, movie theater, and more. I too, totally love being in there. I have felt like a kid again so much this summer and I can’t thank my children enough for pulling me out of work mode for a bit and making me PLAY!

Speaking of play- my youngest boy and I took off on my other son’s electric scooter today and man was it fun. We laughed and laughed, (and fell off a few times). Ah! Priceless.

This time with my kids is the very, very best!

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