Date Night @ Cowfish- we will have a Riverboat Ron Roll Please – oh… and Go Panthers!! #Panthers #ronrivera

We ❤️ Love ❤️ Love ❤️ Love sushi… and we love sushi at Cowfish!

We had the Riverboat Ron roll, Tropical Storm Roll, and my must have… and much less exotic…spicy tuna roll. We like almost all the rolls but were way too full for anymore after these 3!!

We also loved supporting Coach Rivera’s cause by ordering the RRR! A portion of the proceeds from each roll ordered goes to either the Humane Society of Charlotte or the Wake County SPCA. I am a huge fan of the Panthers but they just keep getting better with their wonderful coach and his now famous sushi roll and incredible causes to donate to!! The roll was phenomenal and a favorite part for me was how they added the 1/2 avocado on the side with fresh, poke style tuna in it. TOUCHDOWN Riveras!!

Ahhhh! We left with the sushi buzz, and happy hearts knowing we helped a great cause! Thanks to Coach Rivera and his wife for dreaming up this roll and please visit the Charlotte or Raleigh Cowfish to enjoy his roll and help the cause.


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