Chicken Noodle Soup for Our Fake Colds 😬

Not proud- but we all kinda pretended we had colds so we could have this soul soup 😉

Having a “cold” last minute required some quick thinking soooo… This was my high speed version- although not my “famous” version. (Stay tuned for that one- it’s total yum!).

Ok ladies and gentlies- let’s do it:

✔️1- rotisserie chicken- remove chicken and shred – I added some of the chicken skin for added flavor because my kiddos like it better. FYI- This makes it a little oily and adds fat, (which equals flavor, which equals fat, which equals flavor… 😩).

✔️2 – 48oz organic chicken broths

✔️1 package organic baby carrots

✔️1 c. organic spinach

✔️ 1 bayleaf, 2 if smallish

✔️ 1-2 tbsp. +/- Weber roasted garlic spice, (yep- for seriously)

✔️1 package of noodles- any kind you want. I used good old fashioned egg noodles this time.

– Put all ingredients in pot and bring to a boil. Boil about 4 minutes then let simmer on low until noodles and carrots are cooked well and ready.

-You can leave to cook on low for a good bit of time to let flavors really mix- just be sure to stir often.

Then spoon into bowls, add some shredded Parm cheese and a sprinkle of parsley on top if you like and enjoy!


    1. KJ

      I am… 😊bits and pieces… had a summer full of good content building. Lots of kid inspiration. I think I’ve got it! Choppy at best. But finally feeling a flow.
      Your blog is wonderful! AND- Thank you for your support!!

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