Ye Old Red Lion Pub 💕

Chievely, Newbury 🇬🇧

I sat in those stools and booths! This sweet little pub and I were good friends for the entire time I lived in Newbury, UK. A team of us would walk there and enjoy each other’s company and of course share a brew or two as well. I loved their culture and the way the pubs brought everyone together.

In looking it up online last night- the photos look almost exactly as I remember. Like nothing has changed in 20 years. Another reason I love it there so very much.

We spent many nights bellied up to the bar entangled in playful banter and many laughs, and also tightly tucked into the booth to share in our days’s events.

I will never forget a minute of those experiences. So unspoiled by American greed and selfishness- just simple, precious moments connecting with some of the best people I ever knew in my life, in a most precious place!

I will be back!! And I cannot wait!

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