Brave girl…

My father would sometimes say to me – “You need not diminish your strengths to serve others’ weaknesses.” Then I spent much of my life doing just that. Laying low, pretending to be happy in mediocrity to avoid soaring into who I may have been meant to be. Trapped in a life of ‘just so’ and the daily grind to keep pace with the expectations of “society”.

I’ve finally come to the true understanding of who I am, that I’m not a person who fits in a “mold” or “shape” of expectations. Rather, a complete and capable woman prepared to take on the best and worst of life with a lust for all of the excitement and challenges. I am a creative, a big picture kind of woman who wants to drive positive change and fix stressed and broken cultures with my passion for people. I enjoy pretty things, and nature is where I revive myself. I love with all my heart and forgive, (slowly), those who hurt it.

As the youngest of 4 siblings, I’ve always had the youngest sibling mentality. In every setting I’ve been in, I have felt inferior, as if I’m always the youngest child, and the one with the most to prove, whilst also feeling I should “stay in my lane.” It’s a hell of a revelation when you realize these things about yourself and become mature enough to sort those thoughts and reflect on the sage advice of your elders. When you realize that you’re a woman now, not the youngest- not the one with the most to learn, not the one who needs the experience. When YOU are the one with the experience. The one carrying the advice with intent to share, and the one symbolizing confidence and pride in all you have done and learned. How can you not share this empowered wisdom with all? I’m raising boys, but they need to know what a strong woman looks like. And I hope some of my latest decisions and changes will help them understand that beauty lies in one’s own ability to see who they are, and find all their best parts to share with the world to help make it a better place.

A huge thank you to my father for seeing my future in me long before I did. He’s the one in the bow tie, on the left, below. My mom is on the right. She was a graceful beauty that all wanted to know, with a head full of smarts that blew them away.


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