Grandma ❤️

My mom’s mom was the coolest grandma ever known to people. She never stopped smiling, had the most infectious laugh, she loved with a heart so big the world fit in it and she had the most gorgeous skin. She could cook some serious sausage gravy and bake pies like a p-r-o!

Oh, and I was her favorite of 15 grandchildren, 26 great grandchildren and 3 great greats! Sorry cousins- we all know this to be true 😇 😜

My family was busy preparing for her 100th birthday when she decided it was her time to go to heaven. Ok fine, be that way- we will just party in your memory then!

Grandma loved a high ball and a party! She was always THE LIFE of every party! She would sing and dance and make all of us wish we were as cool as she was. I never saw her mad except for a few times she would yell through our house laughing, “dammit Patty, I set down my glasses and now I can’t find my teeth!!” She was so funny! I’m laughing hard right now and have to keep retyping!!

Grandma was one of my best friends. We were so close that even thousands of miles apart we could feel each other’s presence. She kept me whole, especially after my parents died. Her smile and love saved me every time I felt myself wanting to hide and feel sorry for myself. She wouldn’t have any of that! She outlived her two youngest children out of five who both died from cancer and she remained positive throughout. She wasn’t about to let me wallow in self pity!! Though we did still share a few good cries when needed.

When I would ask her how she lived so long and how she always kept such a huge smile on her face she always told me it was because she didn’t let anything or anyone get to her. She stayed positive even when the toughest times tried to drag her down. She chose to be…and liked to be happy!

Around the age of 95 she got frustrated and joked that God didn’t want her in heaven because she was still just sitting around down here with a perfectly in tact mind and body, and somewhat poor eyesight. She couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t sick, broken, demented or anything that might fit her age. This always made me laugh and I happily reminded her it was her fault for being so stinking happy and positive! God knew we needed her here for just a bit longer. Couldn’t help but to remind her that her mother lived to 101. She then called me a smart ass, giggled and said she had to go play cards.

I’m writing about this sweet little lady because I’m about to make one of her famous Christmas no bake cookie recipes for my kids and I still have her original handwritten version, which sparked a ton of memories. Wanted to drop some of my memories of her into this blog in case my fate meets a bus tomorrow so that my boys understand why their mama has just giggled all the way through making these cookies!

Grandma was also a December, (New Year’s Eve), baby! So happy birthday to all you December babies young and old!!

Miss you grandma, but I know you’re here with me so let’s get cooking ya feisty old love bug 😉 😘

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