Favorite Christmas Traditions…Brandy Milk Punch

Not a Christmas morning has come, nor gone, without mom’s famous Brandy Milk Punch. Across my entire family, we all make it no matter where on the earth we are.

Christmas Morning: Before we could even rush in to see what Santa brought, the heavenly smell of coffee would float through the house, and dad would build roaring fires in the kitchen fireplace and the living room fireplace.

We would get the “ok” and then run into the Christmas room full of wonder and excitement. Santa always treated us well, but just as impressive were the many presents under the tree that my mom would wrap for weeks leading to the big day!

Our family would sit in a huge circle around the room, and would open presents one by one, taking time to enjoy each gift and thank each giver. Even the kids had to open one at a time (after the Santa items). We would open presents for hours and hours- often starting around 6-7 am and ending close to the same time in the evening. Mom always prepared a large breakfast brunch buffet that we would graze from until well after lunch time. We would take little breaks, shower and dress up, come back and open more. It was a wonderful way to make Christmas a long day!

About mid-way through opening presents, the blender would sound off and we all would reconvene in the kitchen by the fire and await our Christmas brandy milk punch. The kids always got the non-alcoholic version, while the adults enjoyed the brandy version. The sound of the blender, smell of the nutmeg and taste of the cool ice cream, after hours opening presents by the hot fire, were always a welcome combination for all. I will forever make this drink on Christmas morning and my own children love and look forward to their non- alcoholic version each year too. 🎄

Brandy Milk Punch:

🎄 3-4 containers of fresh vanilla bean ice cream (preferably Breyer’s natural or some other non- chemically kind). Amount of ice cream you need is really dependent upon how many people you’re making it for and how large your glasses are. We always used our large Waterford wine glasses. (And, I still do 😊)

🎄Good quality Brandy (your choice)



🎄Pure Vanilla Flavor

🎄Your favorite Christmas or other holiday ❄️sprinkles.

Elf Tip: Always make the non- alcoholic version for the kids first. 😉

Alcoholic version:

– fill blender with ice cream

– pour 1/2 cup brandy (more or less to the liking of you and your guests).

– 1/2 to 1c. Milk (this varies but a good thick milkshake is the consistency you really want).

Pour 2 tsp. Pure vanilla flavoring in

Blend well.

Pour into pretty glasses and top with a few shakes of nutmeg and your pretty holiday sprinkles.

I have one secret ingredient. You may already know it. You may get to know it by having me make it for you someday! 🤶

Please enjoy every minute of the holidays with your family and friends and please enjoy this drink responsibly. We never had to drive anywhere on Christmas so the drink could be enjoyed to the merriest!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all!

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