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I don’t like coffee breath!

No one likes coffee breath- yuck, gross, blagh! How many times I have stopped drinking coffee to avoid the dreaded CB I cannot count. And in all fairness, I’m not sure I even like coffee all that much anyway, (okay, yes I do). What I do like the most though, is the comfort of the […]


These two…

Say hello to my mom and dad. The dream team, dynamic duo, social butterflies, romantics, (really, really good golfers), and more then anything…the most in love people I ever knew. Once you get past how hilarious my dad’s eyebrows were, (he was famous for those things), take a look at that silly smirk on his […]



On Monday morning, I took a walk, a long walk. It was the first time in almost a year that I was alone, enjoying nature and a beautiful day just slowly cruising by foot through my neighborhood. I was smiling at the busy-ness of all the mother nature around me. I was equally smiling at […]


Sleepy heads no sleepy

Preface – I snuggle with my boys until they fall asleep at night. Every single night since they were born unless I am at a business meeting or out of town. And occasionally because of a girls’ night out 🙂 Bedtime tonight: 8:00: “Boys, please brush those teeth and get in bed so we have […]


Holy delicious!

So it’s a beautiful, slightly chilly, Sunday and I just spent all day baking and cooking. I usually have no less than 7 children running through my house on the weekends so the homemade banana bread and brownies are a must. Their precious little faces all light up when the oven opens and fresh baked […]