18 years

My daddy… my mentor… my safety! It’s been 18 years since he passed away and I miss him like it was yesterday. #screwcancer My sweet mom: so modest she would hate I posted this pic. It has been 18 years since she passed also. She was everything. To me, and to everyone that knew her. […]


A lot of Sass and even some frass!

When did my precious little beings grow up enough to challenge me with such wit and sass and such seeming wisdom? Hell, I’m usually unarmed! Never prepared for the surprise attack, but I’m getting a lot better at my defense! Boys 2 -Mom 22 ~ they are good, but I’m getting better. Sweet little angels […]


For the love of Sunday!

The dishes are looking at me dirty again, There’s laundry on the floor, The kids have left me like a cold room, But I’m not worried anymore! It’s Sunday, and I’m not doing a thing about any of it! I’m just sitting here reading a magazine about cleaning! I’m not cleaning either! But I am […]