Yes- it looks as if I have my holidays mixed up, but we were blessed with two Thanksgivings and so the one I am cooking is today. Then we will spend the day with good friends tomorrow. So- I decorated early for Christmas (don’t have our real green tree yet, but enjoying the kiddo’s tree […]


Mrs. Christmas

My sister-in- law painted this picture of my mom back in the early 80’s. My mom was the epitome of Christmas. She made magic, she was magic. She also made the dress that she wore in this picture and handmade many of our beautiful and fun Christmas decorations, including the stockings you see her hanging […]



Holidays are here :)) My most favorite time of year! Within the next few days I’ll write a story of my magical Christmas mom. Strong chance she may have been Mrs. Claus? Till then- looking forward to taking my boys to our first Christmas tree lighting tonight and listening to the band! 🌲🎄 😊 Here’s […]