Brave girl…

My father would sometimes say to me – “You need not diminish your strengths to serve others’ weaknesses.” Then I spent much of my life doing just that. Laying low, pretending to be happy in mediocrity to avoid soaring into who I may have been meant to be. Trapped in a life of ‘just so’ […]


Boo 👻 Cookies 🍪

Totally horrifying pics but these just may be my tastiest 👻boo cookies yet! Very sadly, some have broken and found their way into the dreaded cookie graveyard, (my mouth). But let’s not talk about that! It’s a ghostly hour on Halloween eve so what in the deathly hollows are you waiting for? Get going already […]


In Travel Mode

There was a time when all I did was travel. I traveled across the world, I traveled down the road, I traveled to different states…I traveled all the time. And, I loved it. I’m a natural born traveler, and I’m missing it. As I’ve enjoyed a more relaxed time of my life lately, I have […]